Heritage Turkeys Defined

With the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas, thoughts often turn to the traditional centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal: turkey. To add a sense of history, as well as enjoy delightful flavors, you may wish to go to the extra effort to serve a heritage turkey. But what is a heritage turkey?… Continue reading Heritage Turkeys Defined

Love, Loss, and Annoying Coworkers

People from the past really weren’t that different at heart. Yes, they lived in another environment and therefore made choices that we find strange today. But when it comes to the things that really matter in life – love, loss, and how to deal with really obnoxious people – we can look across the gulf of time and think, “Yes, I completely understand.”… Continue reading Love, Loss, and Annoying Coworkers

Le Grand Derangement: 250 Years of Acadian History in Louisiana

In September of 1755, England, a political world power began one of history’s largest mass movements of people united by their Catholic faith. Acadians of Nova Scotia were dispersed throughout English lands without benefit of property, family ties or compassion. Their holdings were torched, as they were loaded on to barely seaworthy ships, on which… Continue reading Le Grand Derangement: 250 Years of Acadian History in Louisiana

Museum Advocacy Day

National polling data shows broad-spectrum support for museums. In the contentious political climate in the United States, one of the few things we agree on is the need for increased support for museums. This is worth mentioning to every elected official at every level. … Continue reading Museum Advocacy Day

On the Program Relevance of Slavery

African culture was a particularly major component in the development of southern U.S. culture as well as American culture as a whole. In interpreting American and largely southern history, it is so easy to slip into saying how certain great and wealthy men built this and grew that, when in reality much of what is spoken of was not only done by the labor of enslaved African Americans, but were also accomplished through the skill and knowledge of these people. These skills were passed from generation to generation and have often carried forward to today.… Continue reading On the Program Relevance of Slavery