ALHFAM President’s Message

What is it to be “woke” and why would someone be tired of it? According to the dictionary, it is the past tense of “wake”—to cease to sleep; to be brought into a state of awareness. My American Heritage Dictionary was published in 1982, so it was long before the current informal definition of “to be alert to injustice in society.” I, for one, am in no way tired of being woke. Why would you not want to be in a state of awareness? There is a moral imperative to call out injustice. All people have a right to dignity, and by claiming their dignity and their story, they do not lessen mine. They expand it.  … Continue reading ALHFAM President’s Message

The Old Timers within Us All

by: Jake Krumwiede The last eighteen months have been a challenge for all of us. Yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone knows that. As I typed it, even my own eyes rolled a little bit. We know that everyone has faced professional challenges in the last two years. We have adapted to remarkable circumstances. We have… Continue reading The Old Timers within Us All

Heritage Turkeys Defined

With the approach of Thanksgiving and Christmas, thoughts often turn to the traditional centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal: turkey. To add a sense of history, as well as enjoy delightful flavors, you may wish to go to the extra effort to serve a heritage turkey. But what is a heritage turkey?… Continue reading Heritage Turkeys Defined