An ALHFAM President’s Message from the Past

This message, from ALHFAM’s then-president Lynne Belluscio, is revived here to remind us of the continuing challenges faced by museum professionals and how the continuing support of the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums, ALHFAM, provides a variety of professional resources along with active involvement, creative problem-solving and humor to its members. To… Continue reading An ALHFAM President’s Message from the Past

Baked on the Tree: A Flavorful Look into the Past of Southern Apples

Excerpt of an article written by Creighton Lee Calhoun, Jr., 1992, Pittsboro, NC. To read the entirety of this paper, join ALHFAM to enjoy the bountiful knowledge contained in the A.S.K. database, carefully stored information harvested and preserved for our members. Join today! We are living in the last days of the southern apple. Over… Continue reading Baked on the Tree: A Flavorful Look into the Past of Southern Apples

The Pete Watson Skills Award

Since the preservation of historic skills is central to our mission, ALHFAM created a Skills Award to recognized members who have demonstrated notable service and leadership in the preservation of historic skills, especially those who serve as mentors and role models for others in the history field. Thus, the Skills Award was born. but it needed a name. There was little debate about who it should be the first recipient and the award would be named for so the Pete Watson Skills Award was created and presented to Pete Watson at the 2022 ALHFAM Annual Meeting & Conference in Tacoma, Washington.

            So why Pete Watson? As ALHFAM member Barbara Corson said, “Pete is ‘all about’ historic skills.”… Continue reading The Pete Watson Skills Award