Draft Animal Training Scholarships

Image from a Tillers International class

Calling all farmers (new, historic, museum, and aspiring)!

Learn how to use draft horses and oxen in your historic farming programing and to power your farms sustainably and productively.

ALHFAM Institutional member Tillers International (Michigan) is offering scholarships that will cover 60% of the tuition cost for many of their draft animal training sessions including:

Draft Horse Basics: April 5-8

Oxen Basics: June 20-24

Farming with Horses & Oxen: June 6-10 and August 22-16

Small Grain Harvesting: July Date TBA

Small Scale Haymaking: August Date TBA

For further information contact Tillers at: tillers@tillersinternational.org or 269-626-0223.

–Deb Arenz

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