More Posts to Come

Today, Wednesday, folks are on the road and on a train ride.  The Jackson’s Mill campus is quiet, just a few folks are home telecommuting and working on projects.

David, Carrie and Deb just retired from the Board. Thanks!

A few have departed from the conference a bit early to get back to other duties.  The progressive series of farewells began in the hospitality room last eve and continued over breakfast this morning.  Even with early Thursday departures, some will stay up late networking and enjoying professional friendships.

As we arrive back home, we’ll post more images of the ALHFAM 2011 Conference than we’ve had time and wi-fi to do here.   Watch the Facebook pages and the Summer Bulletin for more photos and meeting reports. Happy Trails ’til then.

-Katie Boardman

1 thought on “More Posts to Come”

  1. Great job in keeping everyone up to date, Katie! I’ve got a ton of images and notes to share once I get back home to the land of good internet connection and a computer that works!


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