Plowing Contest

I attended my first ALHFAM plowing contest this year, and what a contest it was!! Here our our happy winners with their colorful ribbons:Novice Category Winners:
1st place: Nat Norwood
2nd place: Betsy McCabe
3rd place: Deb Arenz
4th place: Sarah Litvin
5th place: Kristyn Watts
6th place: Lauren Muney

Advanced Category Winners:
1st place: John Kuester
2nd place: Chet Tomlinson
3rd place: Rhys Simmons
4th place: Larry Kidder
5th place: Duane Smith
6th place: Todd Price

– Heidi Glatfelter

2 thoughts on “Plowing Contest”

  1. Hi Heidi,

    I’d love a copy of this picture. Is there any chance you could e-mail it to me?

    Thanks so much for taking it!!


    1. Sarah, you should be able to “right click”/”save” on the image to download it at home. If the image size is too small to work for you, let Heidi know!

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