Picturing MOMCC

More than seventy fine folks gathered November 3-5 at Wisconsin Rapids, WI for the annual Fall MOMCC Conference. Photos courtesy of MOMCC member Melinda Carricker. Commentary by Rob Burg.

One of the many Thursday workshops that were offered:

Bead and Porcupine Quill Workshop

 The Thursday evening opening reception included a “Spirit Walk” at Historic Point Basse.

A wood eave trough above the door of the fur trader cabin.

 Getting ready for the opening remarks:

Rob Burg, Rachel Neubauer, Betsy Urven, Jon Kuester, and President Rick Musselman bright and early Friday morning before the opening remarks.


Ojibwe storyteller Jackie "Redwoman" Lindow in the Native American Storytelling session.Thomas Jefferson and his 18th century "Laptop"Logging in the Lake States. A Great Lakes lumber history session.

 The annual business meeting of MOMCC was held at the Friday afternoon luncheon.

Welcome address by the mayor of Wisconsin Rapids.The passing of the gavel from outgoing president Rick Musselman (front) to new president Jon Kuester (back).
ALHFAM boardmember Kyle Bagnall promoting the 2012 ALHFAM Conference. Let Kyle know that he doesn't look like a dork.

 Friday afternoon sessions:

Native American Flutes with Bob Kline and Walter Webster Jr.Checking out the flutes.Creating a School Curriculum seesion participants waiting for it to begin.
Theme was to come dressed as your favorite historical charachter. These ladies from Buckley Homestead in Lowell, Indiana came as a group of Sufragettes.Melinda Carricker is Anne of Green Gables.Dan Schoeneberg, Jeff Murray, and Rob Burg waiting for dinner.Dinner is served!Must be good. Look at that line.Just a few of the selections available at the annual silent auction. I really wanted the antique banjo.
Our conference hosts, the staff and volunteers of Historic Point Basse, Inc.
Newly elected MOMCC Vice President Betsy Urven in her new dress.
Only at a living history conference will you find a discussion about corsets during the evening dinner dance.
Members Crystal and Don Mason.
History of the Ho-Chunk People with Ho-Chunk Tribal historic preservation officer William Quackenbush.The removal of the Ho-Chunk people during the time of Andrew Jackson and their later return to their Wisconsin homelands.Networking between sessions.Artifacts from the Chipped Lithic Production Technology session.South Wood County Historical Society president Phil Brown giving a session on Wisconsin's cranberry industry.
Along the Cranberry Highway: harvested cranberry fields.

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