The Forums are Open

This beautiful photo of the Roman Forum was found on Our forums may not be as picturesque but certainly will be of value to those interested in history.
This beautiful photo of the Roman Forum was found on While not as picturesque, ALHFAM forums will also be places for public conversation and have historic value.

An interesting feature on the improved ALHFAM website are the forums. Forums are set up for all of the Professional Interest Groups (PIGs), for the membership at large, and for the MidAtlantic region (regional forums need to be initiated by your regional rep–if your region doesn’t have one yet, contact your rep and tell them to get on it).

Forum content consists of topics (threads) and messages and replies to that topic. Unlike the ALHFAM-L, you will only receive emails notifying you that someone has posted to a Forum to which you’ve subscribed and a link so you can read/respond. You can also go to the forum section of the website anytime to see what topics are being, or have been, discussed and add your voice if you choose.

Detailed information on how the forums work and how you can participate can be found in Information Sheet #3.

–Deb Arenz, ALHFAM Vice-President

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