Pokémon GO! Boon or Bust?

Google “Pokémon GO + Museums” and you’ll see numerous articles/blog postings touting the game as a boon to museums. You’ll also see stories of museums and historic sites discouraging its use due to the nature of their subject matter. Many museums are actively promoting use of the game at their sites (the image above is from the Living History Farms Facebook page).

Now that it’s been a few weeks since this latest phenomenon launched–what’s been your experience? Are you seeing an increase in visitors? Are the visitors actually engaging? Have you gone to the effort to become a PokéStop or gym? Were you successful (apparently Niantic–the game creator–has been overwhelmed with requests)? Are things beginning to quite down on the Poké-front?

It’s hard to say how long the fickle public will stay interested in all things Poké, but if it increases people’s knowledge of the cultural entities around them, that’s a good thing, right?

Disclaimer: The author has never been interested in Pokémon but has been convinced by her 15-year-old daughter to start playing the game in preparation for a trip to Chicago this weekend. Museums will be visited and Pokémon will be captured.

They're everywhere--even my office. I'm trying to not take offense that the creatures name is Krabby. I'm sure it has nothing to do with me.
They’re everywhere! I’m trying not to take offense that the one living  in my office is named Krabby. I’m sure it has nothing to do with me.

1 thought on “Pokémon GO! Boon or Bust?”

  1. We have 3 at the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum and are working on being a PokeStop. In fact, we have a LURE party coming up next weekend. To date, the visitors (and staff) playing on site have all been very respectful in their pursuits so we are encouraging our members, new visitors and past campers to come in and play. We are also encouraging the staff that like the game to be our Pokemon GO Ambassadors which has been really well received. Our perspective, if it brings new audiences or adds value to our loyal patrons then we are happy to be a part of the social phenomena.


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