Share Living History Interpretation

It's been a while since I have blogged, but that's because a lot has been happening. Deciding what to blog about can be a bit overwhelming. Right now the priority seems to be increasing communication about the exciting professional support available for living history interpretation. I've taken the initiative, as ALHFAM president, to launch a… Continue reading Share Living History Interpretation

ALHFAM Strategic Plan Review

July 6, 2013 ALHFAM is an organization that supports living history in its many forms, as well as living history farm and agricultural museums in North America and beyond. More specifically, ALHFAM exists to “...share practical knowledge...skills...experience, research and passion for participatory make history relevant to contemporary lives.” To strengthen ALHFAM’s services to members,… Continue reading ALHFAM Strategic Plan Review

Newsletter provider question

Hi folks, please see the following message from Martha Katz-Hyman: As you'll read in the forthcoming Summer Bulletin, at this past June's annual meeting, the ALHFAM Board approved the development of some kind of e-mail communication that will include ALHFAM news & information, news from the regions and the PIGS, information about ALHFAM regional & annual meetings, and… Continue reading Newsletter provider question