Board conference call update:

Here's a little update from ALHFAM President Debra Reid: The ALHFAM board held its regular conference call on September 6, Friday. The calls help the board members maintain communication between the official semi-annual meetings and follow through on duties in a timely manner. The board heard from Susan Reckseidler about the annual conference, scheduled for… Continue reading Board conference call update:

ALHFAM Strategic Plan Review

July 6, 2013 ALHFAM is an organization that supports living history in its many forms, as well as living history farm and agricultural museums in North America and beyond. More specifically, ALHFAM exists to “...share practical knowledge...skills...experience, research and passion for participatory make history relevant to contemporary lives.” To strengthen ALHFAM’s services to members,… Continue reading ALHFAM Strategic Plan Review

Board Meeting/Strategic Planning

While the rest of the conference attendees wouldn't roll into Jackson's Mill until Friday and Saturday, members of the Board started meeting Thursday evening and then again on Friday. The main topic of discussion was narrowing down our new strategic plan into something manageable and achievable by an all volunteer organization that only meets in… Continue reading Board Meeting/Strategic Planning

Live blogging the Southeast and Mountain Plains Regional meeting

Stand by for updates from the regional meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas! 9:15 - Board meeting just starting, going around the table and catching up on board member activity.  Meeting in the wonderful Old State House museum - great place!  Facilitator Mike Krug gearing us up for another productive day of strategic planning. David and… Continue reading Live blogging the Southeast and Mountain Plains Regional meeting