The ALHFAM Clan is Gathering

Folks are coming in from all over.  A nice leisurely breakfast this morning as we get used to time changes and the usual per-conference sleep deprivation. Already discussions about things such as  what’s new at your site/job,  regional bbq and Canada and US commemorative versions of the War of 1812.

Good work went on at the Board meeting Thurs eve and Friday. Then that crew enjoyed a rodeo and supper in Mesquite last night.  Others explored food options around the area.

Heading out in the neighborhood today for workshops and tours.   I’m headed downtown for the DART tour of Dallas.  This will include the Book Repository and interpretation of the assassination of Pres. John Kennedy.  Interested to see how this is presented.

See the ALHFAM Facebook for photos.  We’ll be posting some here, too, later in the day.  Opening receptions are tonight and Blake H. will be adding a taste of NYS bbq to the regional offerings.  He’s got his tongs- we’re in for a treat.

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