ALHFAM 2012 Update

Its been a busy few days.  The CPR (Collections, Preservation and Restoration) interest group did some hands-on helping out for a local museum on Saturday.  A lot was accomplished and the museum folks were quite pleased and encouraged.  Bravo!

Sessions took place on Monday along with the Presidential Banquet at a local museum of aircraft.  Very cool.  Thoughtful address by Past President Bruce Henbest. A special proclamation and gift for Derrick Birdsall. Birthday wishes for a nonagenarian in our midst. The annual historical fashion show.

Tuesday was a long day on the road with visits to the Ft. Worth Stockyards, the Ft Worth Children’s and History Museum, the Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Nash Farm. There was some visiting in downtown Grapevine and our annual auction.

Tomorrow, the annual business meeting, sessions and a closing party at Gilley’s.   Boots, hats, western shirts and belt buckles are anticipated.

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