Great blog post about ALHFAM

A wonderful write up about just what makes the ALHFAMily the great organization it is by ALHFAM member Andrew Duppstadt:

In mid-June I embarked on my first major road trip in my new car. I dropped my mother off in western PA to spend time with her family and I continued on to Akron, Ohio to attend the first three days of the ALHFAM annual meeting.  For those of you who are uninitiated, ALHFAM is the Association of Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums.  It is a national organization with regional subsets and the annual meeting moves around to diverse locations in the US and Canada every year.  Each region also holds smaller regional conferences throughout the year as well.  The last time I had attended an annual meeting was in 2009 when the organization convened in Winston-Salem, so I was very excited to return.

To read the rest of Andrew’s post, check out his blog here.

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