Updates from Montana…

Susan Reckseidler says:

The keynote address at the tri-regional conference was delivered by none other than Calamity Jane… aka, Joyce Theirer, Phd, from Ride Into History. The key to successful Living History is to be authentic and accurate… and Jane/Joyce had us engaged with every word.

ALHFAM President Debra Reid, on behalf of the 3 regions,reads a proclamation announcing today as Nevada City Day, in recognition of “the collective commitment on the part of Dan Thyer and family, the Nevada City Living History Museum Volunteers and the Montana Heritage Commission to living history in the region and state.”

Deb Reid
Deb Reid
Calamity Jane
Calamity Jane

From Debra Reid:

Sue Abbot with Nevada City Living History, led a standing-room only session (in the great outdoors behind the Sedman House) on using hand-crank sewing machines.  Judith and Catherine Sheridan followed her advice as they each made a poke – it takes one to crank and one to guide the fabric to ensure that no fingers get in the poke, and to preserve those expensive needles! Kay Cynova made her poke all by herself. Now if we can just find that elusive pig to put in our poke! Kay Cynova polished the stove top in the DePuis House after presenting another session to a standing-room only crowd on historic foodways cooking.



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