Updates from Montana…

Susan Reckseidler says: The keynote address at the tri-regional conference was delivered by none other than Calamity Jane... aka, Joyce Theirer, Phd, from Ride Into History. The key to successful Living History is to be authentic and accurate... and Jane/Joyce had us engaged with every word. ALHFAM President Debra Reid, on behalf of the 3 regions,reads… Continue reading Updates from Montana…

Tri Regional update!

Notes from the field..... From President Debra Reid: Coming to you from Nevada City, Montana. . . the Tri-regional conference (Mountain-Plains, West, and Western Canada) has launched with 68 registrants and sites with collections that make a curator drool. Kay Cynova, Mountain-Plains regional representative, came a day early to get over the shock of such… Continue reading Tri Regional update!

“Dressed to the Nines” A Formal Dinner Party!

It isn't often when you see much of MOMCC in their best attire. Well, the ladies always are, but rarely the men. There were period formal wear and modern tuxedos and beautiful dresses of all time periods for dinner last night. Often, the MOMCC dinner-dance has a theme for period clothing/costume contests and this year… Continue reading “Dressed to the Nines” A Formal Dinner Party!

MOMCC Luncheon Town Hall and Keynote

I'm a day late with this post, so forgive me please! For those not in the know, MOMCC has two conferences a year, and the annual meeting is always at the Fall Conference in November. The Spring Conference in March usually has a keynote speaker speaking on a relevant topic. This year our keynote was… Continue reading MOMCC Luncheon Town Hall and Keynote

MOMCC, Afternoon session: Junk Foodways III

It's been so good, this is part three of an ongoing theme being presented by Rick Musselman and Terri Reynolds. Foodways programs have always been a main stay of living history sites, but have we talked about the history of our favorite foods, such as Spam, Underwood Deviled Ham, Ovaltine and Jelly Beans? Where did these come… Continue reading MOMCC, Afternoon session: Junk Foodways III