Tri Regional update!

Notes from the field…..

From President Debra Reid:

Coming to you from Nevada City, Montana. . . the Tri-regional conference (Mountain-Plains, West, and Western Canada) has launched with 68 registrants and sites with collections that make a curator drool. Kay Cynova, Mountain-Plains regional representative, came a day early to get over the shock of such an amazing collection, and spent Thursday volunteered at the registration desk today to spell the volunteers so they could attend workshops. Thanks, Kay.

Farmers Branch’s own Jamie Rigsby, who ALHFAMers met during the 2012 annual conference, lead a good size crew through a workshop designed to give attendees a basic and hands-on approach to dealing with common conservation problems. Anyone need to create replica packaging for a historic store interpreting the 1860s through the 1930s?

Dan Thyer,Tri-Regional conference chair, has the site for your to visit! Make plans now to head to Nevada City, a living history museum operated by the Montana Heritage Commission. From art furniture and a pink tiled bathtub in an 1870s clapboard house to a wagon frame that may have been used during the Lewis and Clark Expedition, this museum has something for everyone.

Jamie Rigsby reports:

The opening reception was a success with great food and drink as well as a warm welcome by our Montana hosts. The air turned a bit chilly after dark, but attendees were rewarded with the rising of a beautiful full moon.

Apparently some of the most colorful characters in Montana are not among the living! We are enjoying a fun-filled evening of local ghost stories at the opening reception of the tri-regional ALHFAM conference.




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