2014 Conference Update

The deadline for proposals is fast approaching!

Western Canada has always been a land of entrepreneurs, innovators and risk takers. From early explorers like David Thompson, to the settlers and ranchers who came from all over, they came with little, endured hardships and created a thriving province by sheer will, toil and a “can-do” attitude. What better place to discuss innovation and risk taking in interpretation and living history.

To survive and flourish in this ever-changing world, living history institutions are challenged to remain relevant as they seek new audiences and sources of funding. What innovative ideas have proven successful at your site? How do we “sell” the business of living history? What lessons can be learned from the innovators of the past? Come share your ideas with friends and colleagues!

Proposals are due December 1, 2013 and can be emailed to: ALHFAM2014@heritagepark.ca

photo credit: Heritage Park Historical Village
photo credit: Heritage Park Historical Village

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