ALHFAM Style Guide

During the March ALHFAM Board phone conference, ALHFAM’s Style Guide was approved. This guide is intended to make sure that we, as an organization, present a uniform “face” to our public in terms of logo, tag line, and mission statement.

These guidelines cover the use of the ALHFAM logo, including the ox drover and plow, by PIGS and regions, and in communications by ALHFAM officers and committee chairs. It also covers the creation of Facebook pages and LinkedIn groups as well as the use of Twitter and the ALHFAM blog.

The Style Guide is available on the ALHFAM website as member-only content. That means that only ALHFAM members who have registered on the website can access the information.

If you are not already registered on the website, go to to register.

Martha Katz-Hyman
ALHFAM Communications Manager
The Association of Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums
An organization of people who bring history to life.


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