The Walking Dead meets ALHFAM?

No… I’m not referring to that early morning session on the last day of an ALHFAM conference after a very long night!

For those folks that are fans of the hit TV Show The Walking Dead, you may have picked up a connection between the series and ALHFAM.

In a recent episode, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse manage to find safe haven at a place called Hilltop.  What’s Hilltop, you ask, and what does it have to do with living history?

Well, Hilltop is a place ” where kiddos went on field trips before, you know, the world ended. The house has a cupola at the top where lookouts can see for miles in any direction. The Hilltop isn’t just a fancy name, it’s a smart defense strategy.”

Not mentioned in the article is that the survivors remembered that the museum knew how to (and could) grow crops and raise animals without electricity, just like the good old days.

Who would have thought that an extremely popular TV show would resort to utilizing a living history site to survive?  What can your site do to capitalize on this connection?

So, tomorrow at your site, don’t be too surprised if you hear a visitor bringing up the connection between surviving the zombie hordes and how to do historic agriculture!!


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