Now Available: Printed Edition of the 2016 ALHFAM Conference Proceedings

For over 35 years, the Association for Living History, Farm and
Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM) has published the presentations and workshops presented at each Annual Conference in monograph form.

Until 2017, these Proceedings were published in hard copy and distributed by ALHFAM. Beginning with the 2016 Proceedings, the board made the decision to make the entire volume available to all ALHFAM members as a PDF via the ALHFAM website. If you are not a current ALHFAM member, please join us! Membership starts at $25/year for students and seniors; details are here:

The ALHFAM board understands that there are members who would prefer to have a hard copy of the Proceedings for themselves and that there would be non-members who could not access the PDF via the website and so would want to purchase one. They are available via Amazon for $20 plus shipping (member and non-member price). Volumes from 2012-2015 will be available for purchase soon.

Links to the Amazon page, the PDF, and the table of contents for the 2016 volume are on the ALHFAM website:

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