What’s in a Name? Hunter’s Home

Some of you might be confused about the host site for the 2018 ALHFAM conference in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Once the state of Oklahoma acquired the property in 1945, it became known as the George M. Murrell Home in the tradition of naming historical homes after the white men who once lived there. The property was transferred from the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation to the Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) in 1991. Recently, thanks to the leadership of ALHFAM member and OHS regional director David Fowler, the home has been transitioning from a static historical home into an 1850s Cherokee plantation. Membership in ALHFAM and attendance at the conferences definitely influenced this transition. As part of the change, the OHS has restored the original family name to the property, Hunter’s Home. Though the name has changed the address is still Murrell Home Road, and the group serving as our financial partner for the conference is still the Friends of the Murrell Home.  These legal things take time to change!  Learn more about it in the OHS Extra posted here:

name change hunters home



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