Tri Regional update!

Notes from the field..... From President Debra Reid: Coming to you from Nevada City, Montana. . . the Tri-regional conference (Mountain-Plains, West, and Western Canada) has launched with 68 registrants and sites with collections that make a curator drool. Kay Cynova, Mountain-Plains regional representative, came a day early to get over the shock of such… Continue reading Tri Regional update!

A Visit From Gen. Jackson

Saturday evening featured our Newcomer's Reception and the Salted, Smoked and Pickled Reception. The building that housed the event is a replica of the West Virginia building at the world's fair.  Neat architecture. Wonderful murals. We enjoyed a visit from Gen. Jackson (this was his boyhood home- not birthplace).  The highlight, as always, was meeting… Continue reading A Visit From Gen. Jackson

Younger ALHFAMers Keep Busy

Betsy  is about ready to graduate HS in a week or so. (How can THAT be?). Will is getting taller, again. And, our newest ALHFAM arrival in the younger person catagory is Blake's grand daughter, Rebecca's daughter - Ariella Blake Gross (a  cute wee thing in a stroller).    She can't even crawl yet and she's… Continue reading Younger ALHFAMers Keep Busy