Educate Those Kids About Food and Farming!

There was a full workshop for the all-day consideration of teaching kids about food and farming.  Lots of good looking books, toys and posters were around the room. In the afternoon the whole class was out on the lawn walking out an acre.  Useful stuff. -Katie Boardman

Bakers and Millers Get Together

Picture a sunny day, blue sky, white tent under a shade tree- and a bunch of ALHFAM millers and bakers ready to get into the nitty gritty of milling, making yeast and baking. Perfect combo.  Some of the best in the business gave lectures, commentary on mill tours and demonstrations and lead the yest experiments… Continue reading Bakers and Millers Get Together

Coming Soon! The ALHFAM Annual Conference in West Virginia!

In a few short days, folks will be traveling from all over North America and beyond to the ALHFAM Annual Conference in Weston, WV. We'll gather for some good sessions, workshops, tours, meetings, and good professional hanging-out and networking. I'll be blogging and putting up some photos as it happens and may be joined by… Continue reading Coming Soon! The ALHFAM Annual Conference in West Virginia!