OK folks – I’ve gone through, categorized the previous posts, organized the blog into something that is hopefully a more readable style and added a few links.

Hats off to Ian Beard and crew for a fantastic regional meeting.  Great job to all involved.

The blog will keep on rolling – and coming up we will transition from a temperate Southeast and Mountain Plains regional meeting to a cold Mid Atlantic meeting at Genesee Country Village and Museum and the LeRoy Historical Society; all with the intent of keeping our members well informed and up to date!

For those of you folks unfamiliar with blogging (and a reminder to those who are!)… this blog will work as a result of your participation.  Join a conversation, ask a question, make a comment, etc.  As long as you are respectful of others and act responsibly, you are always more than welcome to post up.  In that vein, I would encourage you to hit that little button on the upper right hand corner of the page that says “Sign me up!” and you’ll recive an email every time the blog is updated.

Thank you!

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