Coming Soon: Mid-Atlantic ALHFAM Meeting

We so much enjoyed the postings from the regional meeting in Arkansas that Derrick and I decided to pass the torch to the Mid-Atlantic Region for up to the moment coverage of that meeting.

On Thursday, March 3, over of 100 of us will be traveling to south of Rochester, NY to spend good meeting and workshop time with our hosts at the Genesee Country Village and Museum and the LeRoy Historical Society (home of the famed Jell-O Gallery).  It’s been a “real winter” for folks in the Mid-Atlantic and we’re eager to break out of cabin fever with our professional buddies.

We’ll be treated to a first taste of this season’s maple syrup, and, maybe a little of the fresh brew from the GCVM’s brewery workshop.   I’ll be telling tales out of school with a number of other ALHFAMers in our storytelling circle  (unless they locate us in the Schoolhouse.)  Farming, historic clothing, cooking – it’s a full menu of ALHFAM favorites with wonderful hospitality at great sites.

So – safe travels to those migrating to the Genesee Country and welcome to everyone else who can enjoy the experience through our ALHFAM  blog.

More soon!

Katie Boardman, from “thank God the snow is finally melting Cooperstown, NY”

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Mid-Atlantic ALHFAM Meeting”

  1. Katie,

    You should amend that signature to “from Cooperstown, NY, where it’s snowing again as of noon”!

    I look forward to hearing news from out on the western frontier…

    1. Thanks, Doug. Yes, that was a mini-blizzard and there were folks stuck in our driveway for two hours. I arrived home and some others showed up. More sand, floor mats, coaching and pushing- they’re outta here. Nice little sublayer of ice! But, hey, its balmy in Genesee Country.

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