Supper, Auction and Departures or Local Visits

So, we’ll finish up the afternoon and gather back at the GCVM visitor center for supper, auction and more smoozing with our colleagues. Some of us will depart for home.  Others will stay around to enjoy some local sites before heading back.

We’re waiting to see who of the early morning pancake crew falls asleep first during a session….

Many, many thanks to our host sites, their staff and volunteers!

7 thoughts on “Supper, Auction and Departures or Local Visits”

  1. The snow held out until 4 am Sunday morning. Had a good 4 inches on heavy snow on the ground by the time the cars pulled out to head home on Sunday morning.

  2. Gwen and I got home late, but in pretty good condition. We have 18 plus inches in my driveway this AM. Plow made the first pass down our road around 10 AM. Its the real deal. Glad that we had such a great break in the weather for MALHFAM. Hope that all others arrived safely home.

  3. Glad you had a good regional and great to see this blog for the Mid-Atlantic. Thanks Derrick for getting our blogs started! Susan

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