In Dayton for the MOMCC Conference

Greetings from the hometown of Orville and Wilbur Wright! The 2011 Spring MOMCC Conference is officially kicking off at 7pm tonight at Carriage Hill Metropark, but the pre-conference workshops were held all day today.

Particpants had the opportunity to tour the Air Force Museum and Huffman Prairie, take a local foods tour, use an outdoor bakeoven, learn basic meat preservation and smoking, use alternate power on the warm, learn basic woodworking, or learn basic pattern drafting.

I did not sign up for a workshop this time around, but I did role into town in time to tour the farm and check out some of the afternoon workshops (photos to come). It was a great drive from Michigan in beautiful spring weather!

The conference (outside the workshops and evening reception) is at the Holiday Inn Fairborn in Dayton. It looks like a great facility.

Better go grab some dinner before I head back over to Carriage Hill. More later!

–Rob Burg

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