MOMCC’s Opening Reception always offers something interesting

Kudos to conference chair Rick Musselman and all of the staff and volunteers of Carriage Hill Metropark for hosting a great opening reception. A great fare of farm made food of breads, preserves, pickled foods, sausages and craft cheese (the only non-farm made food) were offered as refreshments to everyone. After touring the site and having a bite to eat, we returned to the visitor center for the annual live auction.

The MOMCC Auction is not quite the same as ALHFAM’s but still very entertaining. The spring auction is usually themed. One of the great auctions was “The Story of Corn”. This year’s brought back an always popular theme of “museum visitors” with several of the auctioneers, Jon Kuester, Dan Schoeneberg, Terri Reynolds, Ericka Mason, Rick Finch and Chris Gordy portraying many of the “memorable visitor types” that we’ve all seen. This auction always raises a fair amount of money to pay for fellowships and other programs. President Rick Musselman did a great job keeping everyone in line.

Like ALHFAM, the hospitality room is a great gathering place for people to relax, talk to old friends and even get a hair cut. Yes I said haircut! Julie Brown, a historic hairstyles specialist has given haircuts to people at the last two conferences. She even had a straight razor for the men, but there were no takers to get a close shave.

It’s been a long day and night and tomorrow’s full day of sessions will come early.

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