Board conference call update:

Here’s a little update from ALHFAM President Debra Reid:

The ALHFAM board held its regular conference call on September 6, Friday. The calls help the board members maintain communication between the official semi-annual meetings and follow through on duties in a timely manner.

The board heard from Susan Reckseidler about the annual conference, scheduled for June 21-25, 2014 in Calgary, Canada. The planning committee is working on developing a full calendar of field trips for attendees. The board will set the registration fee at the Fall board meeting, scheduled to occur at Howell Farm in Titusville, New Jersey, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 26 & 27, 2013. Once the registration fee is set, the Fellowship Committee will issue the call for applications.

Vice-President and chair of the Committee on Regional Networking, Tom Kelleher, reported a full schedule of regional conferences planned for the remainder of 2013 and 2014. Almost sixty have registered for the next regional, the Mt. Plains, West, and Western Canada regional in Virginia and Nevada City, Montana, organized by Dan Thyer. ALHFAM’s President, Debra A. Reid, looks forward to attending her first regional as ALHFAM President, and other board members: Secretary-Treasurer, Judith Sheridan, and Barry Herlihy will join the crowd heading to the mountains of Montana.

The Membership Committee has developed some surveys to document member attitudes toward several topics including the mentorship program launched at the 2013 annual conference, and the benefits received by certain membership categories.

In addition, the Communications Committee remains busy with numerous duties, without which ALHFAMers could not share the wealth of networking that ALHFAM provides.

The board members are preparing for a full meeting in New Jersey, which will include more discussion of the Knowledge Data Base and strategic planning, in addition to regular business (such as budget approval) that must occur.

Let the Nominating Committee Chair, Tom Kelleher, hear from you if you would like to serve the organization in an official capacity, and let the me hear from you if you have any concerns or questions – you can reach me at


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