Accommodations for the 2018 Conference

Cobb Hall

Lodging accommodations for the 2018 conference will be in Cobb Hall on the campus of Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Like me I know many of you left your college dorm days in the distant past, but Cobb Hall is nothing like my dorm experience. The dorm first opened for students in 2016. Each room has its own vanity area and two rooms share a separate shower and toilet area. Each room has a small refrigerator and microwave, but we promise to feed you enough so that the microwave is not really needed.

new hall room layout

Cobb Hall is named for Isabel Cobb (1858-1947), the first woman physician in Indian Territory. Cobb attended the Cherokee Female Seminary in Tahlequah graduating in 1879. After continuing her education at Glendale Female College in Glendale, Ohio, Cobb returned to teach at the seminary from 1882 until it burned in 1887. She entered Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1888 receiving her medical degree in 1892. Cobb returned to the Cherokee Nation in 1893 to practice medicine. Working from a farmhouse on the family homestead, “Dr. Belle” primarily cared for women and children.

Find out more about Dr. Cobb at

A hotel option will be offered but nothing can be more convenient than Cobb Hall. It is a short walk (really I promise) from the dorm to the University Center where sessions, meals, the auction, and the presidential banquet will be held—all in the same building.

If you are a vendor make plans to set-up a booth in the vendor area. We have a lockable room so no there will be no need to pack up your wares at the end of the day.

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