Cherokee National Treasures to Teach ALHFAM Conference Workshops

The 2018 Program Committee has been busy lining up some special workshops for the conference in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Three workshops will be taught by Cherokee National Treasures. National Treasures are Cherokee Nation citizens who have been recognized for their exceptional knowledge of Cherokee art forms and cultural practices.

Workshops will include:

Cherokee Basketry

A historical overview of round reed or “root runner” basketry will accompany the class on basket making.  After the Cherokee Removal, round reed baskets made from honeysuckle and buckbrush plants gained popularity. Students will make a typical Cherokee double-walled basket of commercial reed.


The art of twining bags with color designs is an old style of Cherokee textile weaving.  A short historical overview will be given.  Students will make a small bag and strap using the twining technique.


A brief history of Cherokee arrowhead making and use of aboriginal and modern tools will be taught.  Participants will keep modern tools.


Participants will make Cherokee moccasins, also known as pucker toe moccasins. A short historical overview, shoe measurements, and construction will be taught. Each participant will make a make a pair of deerskin moccasins.

Each of these workshops will have a limited enrollment so be sure to sign-up early.

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