Live blogging cont’d

Sitting in  on the Interpreting Cherokee History Through Recorded Time session – nicely attended and very well spoken presenters!  Some of the things that make ALHFAM sessions so beneficial.  Your intrepid scribe has stupidly forgotten his power cord… so blogging during the day will be limited once battery power dies….  which won’t be very long from now!

Some key points:

– The Cherokee Heritage Center opened up in 1967, and out of ~300,000 members of the Cherokee Nation, only some 20,000 or so still speak the language.

– Adjusting to the age old dilemma in living history in how to merge modern conveniences like bathrooms and water fountains into a historic setting.

– William McLaughlin recommended (one of) author on Cherokee history.

– Interesting discussion on dealing with pre-conceived notions

– The Cherokee Supreme Court building, built in 1844 is the oldest government building in Oklahoma…

more notes to come, most likely later today when I get access back to power.

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