Board Meeting/Strategic Planning

While the rest of the conference attendees wouldn't roll into Jackson's Mill until Friday and Saturday, members of the Board started meeting Thursday evening and then again on Friday. The main topic of discussion was narrowing down our new strategic plan into something manageable and achievable by an all volunteer organization that only meets in… Continue reading Board Meeting/Strategic Planning

More Posts to Come

Today, Wednesday, folks are on the road and on a train ride.  The Jackson's Mill campus is quiet, just a few folks are home telecommuting and working on projects. A few have departed from the conference a bit early to get back to other duties.  The progressive series of farewells began in the hospitality room… Continue reading More Posts to Come

ALHFAM Annual Conference Fellowships

We had our largest group of fellowship recipients ever participating in this year's meeting.  Consult the Spring 2011 Bulletin for the full list.  Congratulations to all.  Your presence made the meeting all the richer. (Watch for announcement of Fellowship applications for next year's annual meeting in Texas.) -Katie Boardman

ALHFAM Annual Business Meeting

As John T. Schlebecker used to say, "The only reason for an annual conference is the annual business meeting."   Well, yes, and then some. We met and heard about some new energy and initiatives among our professional interest groups, regions and ad hoc committees. The board has been busy with strategic planning this year.  A… Continue reading ALHFAM Annual Business Meeting