Canned Programming for Museums: Healthy?

I recently read an article on the benefits of collections-based research. The author stated the following: "A canned program* performs a social function. It brings together members and visitors for an enjoyable experience, adds to attendance figures, and may promote repeat visitation. It is often educational, and at its best truly thought provoking. But its… Continue reading Canned Programming for Museums: Healthy?

Interpretation: The International Bibliographic Database of Living History

Recent discussion on ALHFAM-L (ALHFAM's email discussion list) about living history bibliographies led to one of our members from the Netherlands sharing this: Interpretation: The International Bibliographic Database of Living History. Even though the database is supported by ALHFAM and NAI (National Association for Interpretation) and affiliated with IMTAL (International Museum Theatre Alliance), it was… Continue reading Interpretation: The International Bibliographic Database of Living History

Keynote Storyteller- Adam Booth

Our keynote for the conference was professional storyteller, Adam Booth, from Shepherdstown, WV.  Some good observations about storytelling and how to use it in museum settings were shared that resonated with the keys to what makes good interpretation. Then it was off to a variety of sessions on research, case studies and tools for living… Continue reading Keynote Storyteller- Adam Booth

Coming Soon: Mid-Atlantic ALHFAM Meeting

We so much enjoyed the postings from the regional meeting in Arkansas that Derrick and I decided to pass the torch to the Mid-Atlantic Region for up to the moment coverage of that meeting. On Thursday, March 3, over of 100 of us will be traveling to south of Rochester, NY to spend good meeting… Continue reading Coming Soon: Mid-Atlantic ALHFAM Meeting